Your Luxury View

Sunny weather, wind, coastal air and waves striking the shore. This climate will become a reality for the fortunate who decide to live in a luxury apartment building in Międzyzdroje.
We used to envy both the weather and the hotel base for the costal tourism countries like Italy, France, Greece or Spain. We all know climate in Poland and it will not change much soon, but hotel infrastructure is slowly getting to Western Europe levels. Międzyzdroje is well recognized resort with many years of traditions. No wonder that many developers noted both potential of the location and market expectations for lack of luxury accommodation, not to mention the apartments. Szczecin investor, development company ‘Siemaszko’, decided to take the first step towards filling the niche in seaside accommodation offer, building two unique apartment buildings in the first row of coastline buildings, right next to the sea.

For the first time, we are dealing with an investment of such scale and quality level quality in this region. According to the plan on the surface of 4000 m2, just next to the Hotel Amber Baltic, two buildings 17 storeys and 55 meters high will be build. Customers can choose or more adequate, could choose from 300 luxury apartments because the interest in the properties is so huge that 60% of them are already booked! It is worth to calm everyone considering buying. Each apartment is guaranteed to have excellent sea view thanks to the appropriate
arrangement design. The ground floor will have several service spaces matching elegance and aesthetics to the concept of luxury place. Customers will have access to services such as beauty parlours, fitness clubs, swimming pool or restaurants. Another asset of the investment is private access to the beach and the waves of the Baltic Sea.

- For many years we have observed the development of coastal towns, including Międzyzdroje. Thanks to that we could predict that there would be a lot of interest in such luxurious project in this location. I believe that our investment will be an impulse for further standards improvement of this resort and in the near future we will have the equivalent of the French Saint-Tropez in Poland – says Lesław Siemaszko, managing director of development company "Siemaszko".

Apartment buildings are built entirely from the company's own funds, therefore there is no concern about any project delays. During construction process, latest technology available on the market and superior materials will be used. Currently, work is under way on finding new land for investment close to the sea. Possible that with the completion of work on first investment, construction of another will begin.