A breathtaking view is one step closer

The visionary and exclusive design of two towers in Międzyzdroje has obtained a valid building permit! The 33-storey towers will have many attractions, like experiencing amazing views from the sky-high café open to everyone! Coastal sunsets have always aroused many emotions, which can now be elevated to a completely different level...
Szczecin’s developer "Siemaszko" is striving to implement the project, and obtaining a valid building permit is one of the most important steps towards the realization of this amazing complex. Two 112-meter-high towers can become a magnet for fans of monumental buildings with beautiful architecture, and the internal attractions will encourage tourists and investors to visit.

- The project is novel and very exciting. There is no fear that the investment will disappear among other similar ones, because nothing can compare to it in this part of the coast - emphasizes Lesław Siemaszko. - We made sure that each apartment was exclusive, and that every guest and resident had a sea view. This was the challenge our architects faced. The effect of their work can already be admired on the visualization.

Luxury and elegance

Over 30,000 m2 of usable space is located on 33 above-ground levels and one underground, where there will be a car park with an innovative multi-storey parking system. The investor plans to build a beautiful glass facade with mirrored elements, which will allow you to admire the view from every place of the monumental towers. There will be plenty to choose from, as 345 apartments are designed! Depending on the height, the apartments will have their own terraces - the lowest levels, loggias - intermediate levels or conservatories - in the highest-located premises. Diversified areas will satisfy the expectations of every client, and the highest standard and exclusive finish will satisfy the most demanding customers. The residential part will be the dominant element of the investment, but many attractions are also planned - restaurants, cafes, a swimming pool complex, SPA, conference rooms, fitness, all to ensure relaxation in this amazing resort, regardless of the season. Direct access to the beach is another advantage that distinguishes this investment, and six modern elevators will ensure trouble-free access for all residents.

Sky-high attraction

The endless sea surface, sun reflecting in the water surface, storm waves - such views can be expected from the cafe, which will be located on the 30th floor of the investment. A dedicated elevator, which will provide access not only to the residents, but all interested parties, has been designed for this attraction! Regardless of the season and sea conditions, these will be views that everyone will want to return to and remember for a long time.

Visionary and modern

From the moment of the announcement the investment of the company "Siemaszko" evokes a lot of emotions. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive projects in the coastal area not only in Poland, but also in this part of Europe. There is huge interest in the investment, which is not surprising, which further motivates to commencement. An undertaking of the of such a scale and momentum will surely lift Międzyzdroje to a higher level among seaside resorts.

- We are very pleased with the high level of interest and publicity that we had before we even started the construction works - admits Lesław Siemaszko. - This is the first such a prestigious project in Międzyzdroje, but the potential of this place and market expectations are huge, I am convinced that our investment will give an impulse to the dynamic development of the resort.

Recognized developer

"Siemaszko" is an experienced and recognized developer that has been operating on the market for over 25 years. He is a laureate of the "Platinum Eagle of Polish Construction" awarded to companies that build in a modern and safe way and are a model of good management on the Polish construction market, as well as the distinctions of "Polish Construction Leader" and "Construction Company of the Year". The company's president, Lesław Siemaszko, was honoured with the "Pearls of Business" statuette. The investment in Międzyzdroje together with the buildings of Kępa Parnicka are currently the two most important investments for which the company is intensively preparing.